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Partnership With Red Hat

We're excited to share news about our partnership with Red Hat

Daria Grudzien

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Transparency and openness are close to our hearts at CyberMagnolia, so it comes as no surprise that this brought us together with Red Hat. Red Hat’s culture is built on the open source principles of transparency, collaboration, and inclusion, where the best ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.

Partnership With

Today we announce our first partnership with an inspiring Czech tech community

Daria Grudzien

2-Minute Read

Photo is an inspiring tech community for Czech coding newbies and juniors created by Honza Javorek. You get a support group, advice, mentors, career counseling, and more. There’s a public handbook with tons of useful information about how to start with coding and how to get your first job in tech, and there’s also a job board specifically focused on entry level and junior positions.

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