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Partnership With Red Hat

We're excited to share news about our partnership with Red Hat

Daria Grudzien

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Transparency and openness are close to our hearts at CyberMagnolia, so it comes as no surprise that this brought us together with Red Hat. Red Hat’s culture is built on the open source principles of transparency, collaboration, and inclusion, where the best ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.

We’ve been appreciating the commitment of Red Hat team members to sharing their knowledge and dedication to helping others learn and develop for many years now. We have been meeting them at conferences and meetups where they lead workshops, give talks, and organize events which are both great learning experiences and lots of fun. Many of them are our good friends and even members of the CyberMagnolia tech collective.

This is why we are so excited that the Red Hat team reached out to our community to create a new sphere of collaboration. We hope that members of our tech collective will benefit from mentoring and exchange of knowledge and experiences with our new partner.

Stay tuned for future news about our collaboration!

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