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Today we announce our first partnership with an inspiring Czech tech community

Daria Grudzien

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Photo is an inspiring tech community for Czech coding newbies and juniors created by Honza Javorek. You get a support group, advice, mentors, career counseling, and more. There’s a public handbook with tons of useful information about how to start with coding and how to get your first job in tech, and there’s also a job board specifically focused on entry level and junior positions.

The community thrives thanks to the work of its creator. Honza has been a volunteer in the local Python programming language user group since 2011 and earned our admiration as a PyLadies coach, and a co-organizer of PyConCZ conferences.

To create Honza left behind his work of a Consulting Member of Technical Staff and Open Source Maintainer at Apiary (by then acquired by Oracle). He decided to pursue his passion for helping coding newbies and juniors in tech.

We kicked off the partnership with a talk for the club about tips & tricks to be more productive at work as a junior.

We’re looking forward to further cooperation!

CyberMagnolia is a growing women’s tech collective in the Czech Republic. Our community goes beyond the borders of programming languages, tech stacks or job descriptions. We’re there for each other creating a space in which every member feels confident asking hard questions, seeking advice, and offering to share their knowledge and experience. If you’re one of us — come and join us!

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