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CyberMagnolia — Women's Tech Collective.

We are a community of women working in the field of technology in the Czech Republic. Our collective goes beyond the borders of programming languages, tech stacks or job descriptions.

Among us you will find seniors and juniors; web developers, cybersecurity experts, QAs, project and product managers, designers, site reliability engineers, event and community managers, and more.

We speak Python, Ruby, Javascript, C++, Java, Golang, and SQL among others. We look at the world through multiple lenses of our diverse backgrounds and experiences. We’re there for each other creating a space in which every member feels confident asking hard questions, seeking advice, and offering to share their knowledge and experience. And we work tirelessly to bring visibility to the excellent work of women working in tech, shedding light on those trailblazers who are making it easier for others to follow in their footsteps.

Our passion for technology brings us together to create a space in which we can make new friends, find mentors and role models, laugh at geeky jokes and learn from each other.

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Core Team

Anežka Müller — Co-Founder

I like organizing stuff. I do it for a living, working as an event organizer and employer branding specialist. And I do it for fun as well mainly within the Czech Python community where all my passion for community activities started. I fell in love with the Czech Python community several years ago and I have been actively participating in it ever since, organizing various tech events. Supporting the community this way is the best solution for me as I am not a tech person :)

Since I started exploring the world of tech communities, or more precisely women tech communities, I have met with so many interesting people, inspiring examples, extraordinary talents, and great minds, often not known beyond the borders of their particular community. With CyberMagnolia, I would love to create a space where all these remarkable people can meet, share, and support each other no matter the background, programming language, experience, or role.

Daria Grudzień — Co-Founder

The importance of building strong professional networks has been at the back of my mind for almost a decade. I’ve been lucky to meet great mentors who generously shared their knowledge with me and realize how much difference that can make in someone’s life. I’m committed to passing it forward and building networks that help junior people propel their development.

With CyberMagnolia I’d like to build a tech community that supports professional and personal development of its members by facilitating important discussions, growing professional networks, and bringing visibility to the awesome work of women working in technology.

In my work as a Site Reliability Engineer I focus on making sure that engineering teams have sufficient tooling, procedures & knowledge to deploy, operate, and fix production systems.


We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships focused on continuous development and building a welcoming tech community.

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CyberMagnolia is a Women's Tech Collective of women working in technology joining together to share knowledge and experience, support each other and grow professionally in a friendly environment.