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Today we announce our first partnership with an inspiring Czech tech community

Daria Grudzien

2-Minute Read

Photo is an inspiring tech community for Czech coding newbies and juniors created by Honza Javorek. You get a support group, advice, mentors, career counseling, and more. There’s a public handbook with tons of useful information about how to start with coding and how to get your first job in tech, and there’s also a job board specifically focused on entry level and junior positions.

Interview With Lenka Segura

In our next episode of the CyberMagnolia interview series we questioned Lenka Segura about her inspiring story of a self-taught software developer.

Anezka Muller

9-Minute Read


Hi Lenka, Thank you very much for taking part in our interview series with tech ladies from the Czech Republic. I find your career journey really inspiring, and I was looking forward to sharing your story with a broader audience since I heard your talk at the DevConf CZ in January 2020. I am glad we managed to find a way despite the unfortunate worldwide epidemic situation.

Interview With Daria Grudzien

This next episode of our interview series includes a chat with Daria Grudzien - one of CyberMagnolia's Co-Founders.

Anezka Muller

10-Minute Read


At the very beginning, I would like to thank you for bringing this community to life. And on that note, let me start with an obvious question. With so many existing groups for women in tech, what inspired you to found CyberMagnolia?

The origin story of CyberMagnolia

A short time travel and the origin story of our tech collective.

Daria Grudzien

4-Minute Read


CyberMagnolia is a growing community of women working in the field of technology in the Czech Republic. Our goal is building connections going beyond a particular tech stack or job role, and helping bring visibility to the awesome work done by women in tech. Today I wanted to take you for a short time travel and share with you the origin story of our tech collective.

Interview With Denisa Lorencova

We have the privilage of kicking-off our interview series with our first guest - Denisa Lorencová

Daria Grudzien

8-Minute Read


First off, thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions for CyberMagnolia. It’s fantastic to be able to chat with you - I admire how much you’ve achieved professionally, while traveling the world and trying more sports than I’ve heard of! :)

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